Thursday, July 14, 2011

to Julia with love.

Last year when our dear friend Jessica was preggo with baby June we knew we wanted to do something special. Me, Julia, Abby, and Tamara started planning a wonderful weekend full of rest and relaxation instead of a baby shower. We were all so sad about Jessica's recent move to Fort Worth and knew it was the perfect excuse to be together.
I started brainstorming of the perfect way to treat Julia and baby Perry the second I knew she was to be a mom. We wanted to do something similar but with a new spin. After several months of discussion we decided to surprise Julia with a trip to Fredericksburg. It is one of the most relaxing places in Texas and a favorite of hers. I was so pleased when she told me that she was "craving a trip to Fredericksburg." She had no idea that her wish was our command and already booked. It took a lot of sneaky planning and help from Mr. B but it went off {almost} without a hitch.
On Friday Jessica, Tamara, and I surprised Julia at her house. She is such a good sport. All we said was "pack your bag with comfortable clothes...we are going on a trip." If you know Julia you could see that she was slightly overwhelmed but mostly excited. After she packed her bags and more importantly, her body pillow, we hit the road. Our first stop was not very glamorous but defiantly necessary.
We were literally pulling into Fredericksburg before Julia figured out where we were going, we were in deep conversation for the entire 2 1/2 hour drive. I am convinced that we had the most adorable house in the entire town, I will never stay in another again. It was right in the heart of town and came complete with a fresh peach pie. We had to do a little stalling before dinner because, without Julia's knowledge, Abby was in route from Austin. We enjoyed the local brewery and talked until I got the "I'm here" text. That is when the trip could really start! We had the most amazing time eating, drinking {San Peligrino for J} , getting massages, shopping, and talking in our house for hours at a time. We spent a lot of time trying to decide what the perfect gift for Julia and baby Perry would be. We knew it had to be practical but could not settle for something that wasn't equally special. We found the perfect combination of the two if I do say so myself. It was a beautiful white bassinet and pink quilt. I cant wait to see the sweet little thing sleeping peacefully in it. I adore these girls and am so thankful for our accidental tradition! Now we just have to ask...who will be next??

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