Wednesday, July 20, 2011

blog swap.

I recently participated in my very first blog swap. I have always noticed the swaps that Meredith T. host from the blogging side lines and wanted to participate. When I saw that she would be hosting another one I decided to give it a go. It is such a cute idea and I LOVE getting packages in the mail, who doesn't? I was paired up with Kathryn, an adorable new mommy, who sent me a great package!

Here is what I received...

Something Orange: Nicole for O.P.I orange nail polish.

Something Funny: A little slimy critter that lights up.

Something that cost $1: Pink and gray argyle socks.
Something that she loves: Pink and orange note cards and a notebook. (I love making list's so this was perfect!)

Something Sweet: A BIG salted caramel chocolate bar. Yum!

She did such a great job, you would think we knew each other! I love to keep a notebook in my purse and car for grocery and to do list and I love to have stationary. I am not the best at getting notes out to people but I love to collect beautiful and fun stationary. Thank you so much!!

Now, here is what I sent her. Kathryn said that she loves orange, pink, and turquoise so that became my theme. Something Orange: A necklace with big orange balls.Something Funny: Cocktail napkins that read "Eat now, for tomorrow we diet!" and candy.Something that cost $1: E.L.F lip gloss, it is great stuff!Something I love: A BIG coffee mug with hot tea, I suggest using this right after a bath and right before bed!Something Sweet: I did not want to send her anything that might melt in the package so instead I sent her Peach flavored bubble bath. It can be used before the above item. :)I hope you enjoy, congrats on your precious new baby!

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